Sea Shack began millions of years ago when a beautiful bay was birthed. This bay, like a new born baby, was the calm amongst the storm. Nestled within the ferocity of the West Coasts seas, this bay was like no other. As if it had been from the Mediterranean, it soon became the home to all sea creatures and birds alike, rejoicing in its serenity.
Now some Millions of years later, we have strived to make it a place as special and serene for our visitors as it is for its fauna neighbours. Sleep between crisp sheets in a queen size bed. Two of the ten shacks, Barnacle and Mossel have twin beds. Additionally we have 3 tents, each with 2 x stretch beds at R400 per tent. Price includes multiple entries to the Cape Colombine Nature reserve. Each tiny wooden cabin has been personalized and themed to suit its name by the famous artist Theo Kleynhans. Whether you have the pleasure of staying in Oyster or the delight of Dolphin this is sure to be the beginning of a special memory. Powered by solar and gas, Sea Shack is off the grid. No hairdryers but mobile cell charging and reception is available. *Towels not provided. Join us around the firepit at night to cook and kuier.
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Cape Columbine Nature Reserve, Paternoster, West Coast Peninsula

Baywatch Villa Collection was established in 2001 by Tony and Shirley Ansley. They made Paternoster their home after falling in love with the little fishing village, its beauty and its people. Tony, being a business man but already on his way to retirement, decided they would stay on and seized the opportunity to secure their retirement yet still have the luxury of a business - keeping his mind active. Shirley, always the loving and supporting wife, was one hundred percent behind him. Together they started with one self catering unit. Soon they realized that this would not be enough as their love for people shone through to their guests and they had more requests for accommodation than they could handle. They expanded to four, luxury self catering units. The beautiful home that they had created as a haven became too big for them and they decided to let the upper level of their beachfront home out. This is the star of the Baywatch Villa Collection as you do not come across such love and effort put into a holiday home for someone else very often. In 2008 another addition was made, we can boast with the magnificent four star Guest House, which will leave you feeling like royalty once you visit. The Baywatch Villa Collection is owner managed and you can be assured of passion for hospitality as well as housekeeping.
083 675 9332
6 Ambyl St, Paternoster