"Sunset on the Rocks" lives up to its name. Our property is set on a very steep site overlooking the sea in Llanddudno, amongst huge granite boulders. The unique Cape fynbos forms the lower section of the garden and this is a haven for birds etc. We enjoy spectacular sunsets over the sea throughout the year. We are set back about 200m from and 60m above the ocean and we look due North across the Atlantic toward Robben Island and beyond. On a very clear night one can just see the light from the Dassen Island Lighthouse which is off Ysterfontein 80km away! Directly in front of us is the rocky shoreline and there is an ever changing view of sealife and birdlife including whales and dolphins, many seals, and further out a parade of ships and fishing boats passing by.
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11 Sunset Ave, Llandudno, Cape Town