Noup, Accommodation on the Diamond Coast. Seeped in history and soaked in promise, the Diamond Coast, located on the Northern Cape coast of South Africa, is a mysterious and rugged stretch of shoreline. Noup is filled with olde-world charm and untouched mystique…perfect in its imperfection Restful and seemingly deserted, Noup is quietly tucked between the mining towns of Kleinzee and Koingnaas, about 140 km from Alexander Bay and 100km west of Springbok. Visitors to Noup are greeted by 8 unassuming stone, prefab and corrugated iron cottages facing the cold Atlantic Ocean and the Benguela current where many a mariner met his fate.
Full of charm and character, and with many interesting nooks and crannies, you may look upon the sun-bleached wood and weather-beaten walls that were once home away from home for resident diamond miners and wonder about the tales these walls could tell.
Alicia Raath +27 79 877 8859
Noup Farm, Kleinzee, Diamond Coast